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Breguet 691 / 693, project 1/32 scale resin

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Today, I make the molds of the wings. nothing spectacular. The wings are put in boxes with the clay which delimit the joint plane. silicone rubber is poured, now I must wait 48h before removing the clay to make the other halves molds.









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For the first casting, I forgot to close the mold, so the resin escape on the work bench.

After cleaning up, I cast again.




engine fairing on topside



wingtip with light, doors acces for pyrotechnic flares, and tie down.

Screw covers at underside. Wing root with broach



there is no bubble or pin holes.

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I wonder will the wings be resistant to bending overtime, if it is cast in one piece? My feeling is that hollow top and bottoms halves are generally better, as it can take a wooden spar to resist bending. But maybe your resin and curing solves this problem.


Either way, looking forward to it.



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