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Really great job! Its kind of a sickness..................while your doing it its the biggest PITA ever (in some spots) but when you get a really tough piece foiled JUST like you imagined it, its a REALLY rewarding experience. At least rewarding enough to put yourself through more foiling torture on your next NMF build! :lol:


Im actually ready to take a break from foiling atm.................when 1 wing of the current project is almost as much work as my entire previous foiling project........to the point where Im actually in need of a new roll of HD Reynolds Wrap! :( (Its still secretly fun though)


Congrats on a great looking model.



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I have a one quarter scale R/C P-51 i want to do this to. Like to get some info on how to.




My dad was into 1/4 scale R/C ships my whole childhood. Check out "Flite-Metal".


Its designed to go on R/C scale ships and has pre-applied adhesive to the panels.


Here is an R/C Jug covered in Flite-Metal:



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