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Anyone for an RNZAF Skyhawk 'Kahu' panel and HUD?

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Ronin just mentioned in a Facebook post he doesn't plan on 1/32 anytime soon.


Ho my God ! Just saw that !


It is so hard to print or reprint a 1/32 scale decal sheet !! So hard, even when all the reseach is already done. 

It is too hard ! Too time consuming ! Too costly !


This being said, I am sorry for my wrong info, but the illustration I shared on my previous posting include a 1/32 scale

box on the lower left corner.I have probably misinterpreted this information. (joke !)



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Ok team


How long has it been???  I am too scared to look at page 1 to find out!!


This has been a long and very expensive undertaking.  Initially it seemed like a good idea and pretty simple.....how wrong was I!  I am sure things can be done better and more efficiently if you were to start from fresh today, with more knowledge out there. I have gone through several companies for help, but have finally got a result for the first part of the Kahu Conversion in 1/32 scale.  I have given the green light to print,  then once I receive the parts I can test fit, all being good I can then get all the other 'lumps,  bumps and antenna' printed. 


See here:



When this has all been done, I want to be able to support those first few people at the start of this who contributed to the development with some money to get the first ones at 'cost' then if there is any further interest I will see if there is a company who might want the patterns to produce for their own range.  That way, it will make a Kiwi 'Scooter' available for all those wanting to do one in 32nd.  Kerry and I designed it to fit the Trumpeter kit, but when the test prints arrive I will see if I can find a Hasegawa kit and see if it fits that also.


Thanks for everyones patience who have been waiting




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Thanks Mike and Andy!


The TA rear panel is fairly different, and the front is slightly.  However I am a HUGE fan of the TA-4K and am still seriously thinking of cutting the nose off my single seater and grafting a Hasegawa TA nose on....... Or maybe I should just do another??  I just dont know how my brain and eyes would cope with stress skinning another Skyhawk  :wacko:

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Will you be having all the names of the pilots that were painted on the side?  I was going to do one up for NZ 6216  that I plan on modelling


Not sure yet Anthony. I'm working on a set for NZ6206 (my current build – no pilot name) and NZ6209 flown by FLT LT Bethell for another modeller, so will be adding his name. I was thinking of maybe offering decal sets with the aircraft specific serials, pilot's name if applicable, as per the customer's specific request, instead of sheets containing all of the serials etc 

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Just out of curiosity, is the A-4K Kahu nose different from the standard A-4E nose? Don't know if my eyes are playing tricks on me or perhaps it was the lighting but when I look at photos of the A-4K, it seems slightly different from the standard A-4E but I can't quite put my finger on it.


To me, the A-4K nose looks almost like the modern Argentinian A-4AR Fighting Hawk nose. IIRC, they both used the similar-to-F-16 radar (?).


Can one just use the standard A-4E kit without modifying the nose?

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Hi Jackman


The hinged radome itself is new for the radar scanner unit I was told.  I am like you, it looks a little 'blunter' to my eye as well from certain angles. 


I have never gotten to the bottom of this, however I will when I get back to working on my kit. If it is different, it will be nothing a few swipes of sandpaper wont fix.


The rest of the nose structure is exactly the same, however the cooling scoop on the left side was enlarged for the new avionics fitted


HTH, cheers


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