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Roden Albatros DIII

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here is my start for the group build:




I've heard bad things about the fit of the engine and nose of this kit. So far the rumors seem to be true. The instructions don't make it obvious that not all the fuselage formers are perpendicular to the engine bearers. Most of the formers fit in front of the alignment tabs on the fuselage, but the last one can only fit behind its tabs. From my test fits it looks like the fuselage former / engine bearer assembly is too narrow and that if you follow the instructions the nose will be too pinched at the top to get the upper fuselage on. My solution was to cut all the formers in half and glue them to the fuselage sides. The gaps in the formers will be directly underneath the oil pan, so I won't bother fixing them.



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Getting everything in the fuselage was a little fiddly when I built the D.II, but I don't remember having width issues. Just remember that Roden kits are like limited run kits, so dry fit, sand, dry fit again and you'll be ok.


I just checked a D.III kit that I had the engine bay formers mounted to do a conversion and there was no width issue. The formers fit in with the fuselage halves together at their natural width. I'm not sure why it didn't fit.




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Excellent. I built the DI and apart from the engine, diid not have major fit problems. But it works out in the end.


Are you using the Eduard PE set? It really jazzes up the front office.


Tim W.

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