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'32 FW-190 armament (PCM) ...

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Hi all ...


Anyone on here bought FW190's via PCM???

If so ... did you grab any of the Aber gun barrels??

I need some 20mm MG-FF's and the only ones listed on Ken's site are the ones for Oerlikon guns ... Are these suitable for use with the kit?


The ones I got for my A-8 were Master's I think?


Also ... I have to finish off another order in the next 24 for a B-17 ... (don't know a thing about these buses)

I need to know how many barrels for THAT kit and of what variety??


Ta all :)



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Depends on how picky you are for the 190 Rog. They are different enough that you would notice it.


B-17G had 10 .50cal guns.


Hi Brad ...


Thanks ... that sorts the B-17 out!!


I still need to find some MG-FF for 190 though :(


All my research material is on the A-8 ... I have no close-ups of armament on an early 190o I have no idea what they look like :shrug:


Rog :)

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Guest TimC

The B-17G came equipped with 13 fifties....12 if the radio room gun is omitted. If you only get 10 you'll need to eliminate the radio room gun and either both cheek guns or both waist guns.

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