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And so to the glamour shots. I put my new studio lighting rig through its paces. The photos are OK, but not spectacular; I don't think the auto white balance got close, as the backdrop is white, not pale green! I've got a long way to go to improve my photography skills beyond simply better lighting. And I wish I could keep the dust off this damned model! Anyway, here they are:


















And that brings things to a close. Thanks to everyone who followed along, and for all your works of advice and encouragement.



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From memory they got it to just over 400 mph in early 1939, but then the He 100 came along shortly afterwards and blew it out of the water with 468 mph, and that was the end of that. It was never really a serious contender from what I understand.



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Hey Kev


Gob smacking beautiful job there mate! Heard a rumour that there could be a new "Civie" category at Expo. I've got my fingers crossed this is true (it's from a good source, so I hope so).  Now, I must get into my Percival Mew Gull!





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