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Trumpeter A-6A Intruder


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Where did you purchase the profimodeller pitot tube if you don't mind me asking? Having trouble getting hold of one. 






I purchased direct from profimodeller





I really should get back on this build and finish it up....

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Heya - thanks for the comments! This is a tough build for me - I think I have tried to add too much to it and thus have really bogged down? I got the Eduard stuff and started adding along with other things but it is slow going for me.


I did get one of the main landing gear detailed up - it is actually painted now I will try to get some pics of that



I was not super happy with the shape of the Trumpeter fuel tank, so this is one from a Hasegawa A-4; it has been rotated and modified so the fins and fin section are the correct orientation for the A-6 centerline tank. I also tried adding weld lines but they are somewhat over prominent - hoping some primer coats will help reduce their prominence...


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