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Fabio taira

F-14A VF-41 Tamiya- FINISHED!

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Hi rossky ..


  Yes .. by now, only the top of air intakes , that correction for a seamless pipe. the rest are going by my own steps


And really , are great job to follow in around  the world when we talk about Tomcats...



best regards too ,buddy




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Tomcats are just a sexy jet! I'm really looking forward to this build, I'm wanting to get my hands on a Tamiya cat, and the level of build that you're doing here, is simply amazing. I love the way the intakes were done and the results looks great!

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Hi people  ..


 last corrections before close the wing box. One detail that I want to tell is the correction on the edge where the wings are swept into the fuselage. If mounted in the original condition at the end, a expressive slit still keeps exposed..


let's see..





















at this point is just to correct the slits between the great parts like nose and the rest of fuselage









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Guest Peterpools

Very nice progress on the Big Cat

Keep 'em coming


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