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No no, I'don't dream!!!

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Ah, in looking more closely ( :rolleyes: ) I can now see that they're being attributed to someone called Flagman Models, and the subjects are not the same as the SW ones.




Kev ...


This industry really IS going balistic!!! ... they're coming out from everywhere now!


Rog :)

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Mixed feelings about this. Would be glad to have a Yak-7 in 1/32 :yahoo: But while Flagmans kits (submarines at the moment) are known for attention to detail and good outlines they feature lot of tiny parts to be added and aligned, somewhat vague instructions ("glue here" type, but no loction markings at the kit) and sinkmarks on larger parts. Well, an eastern company with all the pros and cons as per textbook. So building a Flagman kit that large should be ...interesting :coolio:



- dutik

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I could get use of my learning Russian at school back in the old days.

They say that Flagman Models (based in Rostow) confirmed the release of Yak-7DI and I-16 in 32nd scale. There are also some empty spaces in the catalogue reserved for aircraft. No release date or price yet.




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