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1:32 Hobby Boss Spitfire Mk.Vb Trop 603 Squardon RAF, Malta 1942.

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Hobby Boss kit with mods using parts from the Tamiya Mk.IX and the Hasegawa Mk.I. Aftermarket included props from GMF, exhausts from Quickboost, wing cannons from Master-Model, and wheels from BarracudaCast. Extra rivet detail added to the engine panels with Radu's wheels, and markings painted on using masks from Mal Mayfield.














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Amazing stuff - again.


The dusty weathering is especially convincing.

Nice to see variation in the panel line/rivet colours, rather than the customary uniform dark colours.


Splendid work. Inspirational.



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I sit here dumbfounded, bewildered and awestruck!


Just when I think we've seen your best you raise the bar still higher. This has to be one of the best built and most beautifully weathered Spitfires I have ever had the pleasure of viewing. Your delicacy of touch, thought and technique are flawless.

I'd like to thank you for taking the time to share such crystal clear and inspirational imagery. To my eyes, this is a thing of magic and beauty!


Seeing your work has made my day. I appreciate it, thanks.

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Ralph, there are very few people that can capture a worn weathered look the way you do. You, Spencer Pollard, and Chris Wauchop are in a class all your own! Holy Crap! I sincerely wish I could accomplish something remotely close to what you achieve. Simply brilliant!




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