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1/32nd scale B-29 Superfortress - ID Models Vacform

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I've been working on this project for the last nine months, and have been able to apply the finishing touches today.


A full build thread is here:




This started life as a basic vacform from the old ID Models range (now available from John 'Tigger' Wilkes:




The 'small' fuselage in the above image is the 1/48th Monogram B-29 which I used to guide me throughout this build.


There was absolutely no interior with this kit so it has all had to be made from scratch. The tools of the trade were simply Evergreen strip, plastic card and Milliput, plus plenty of good references.


Here's the cockpit under construction:




And when painted:




The whole interior received this treatment, along with the bomb-bays and wheel bays.


I chose to finish my model as "Kee Bird" which crash-landed in the Arctic after the crew became lost and she ran out of fuel in 1947. Laying undisturbed for nearly 50 years this aircraft was sadly lost during a recovery attempt in 1994.


Due to her long range snooping over the former USSR, "Kee Bird" was fitted with four long-range auxiliary fuel tanks in the bomb-bays; these too had to be made from scratch:




There were no engines or propellers in this kit so the engines were castings of the ZM Skyraider engine, and the props came from a Vintage Fighter Series P-47, which after a little re-profiling fitted perfectly:




The cowl flaps were made from drinks can alloy to gain a scale thickness:




The kit's transparencies were used for the observation/gunner blisters:




The clear nose was also the kit's, but for the other windows I simply dropped clear acetate into the apertures I cut earlier in the build:






(Part 2 to follow)





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I followed the build thread on this, and now seeing the completed build i'm flabbergasted - It completely stunning, and never in a million years could i get even anywhere half as skilled.


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Here follows some general detail shots as well as some pictures of the completed model in its entirety:






The guns came from Aeries:




The nose-art was my own doing:




The elevators and rudder were scratch-built:






All paints were automotive acrylics straight from a spray can. This picture also shows my scribing efforts to good effect - there was no surface detail whatsoever on the model:




And to give a sense of scale to this model... this is a 6-seater dining room table!




Although it threw some challenges my way, this was by far the most enjoyable and fulfilling build I've completed to date.


Many thanks to those who helped me out with the engines and main wheels - you know who you are!


As always, your feedback is welcome - good or bad smile.png


Tom Probert, 29th May 2013.

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Stunning work Tom! A real inspiration to mostly OOB-builders like myself!


A pity the real 'Kee Bird' came to a fiery end on the ice - watching the documentary on the subject I could sense the loss of those who put in so much work. A fitting tribute to one that nearly made it home.


Sunderland next? Or are you planning on something less challenging as a break?


Tony T

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Sunderland next? Or are you planning on something less challenging as a break?


Tony T


I haven't decided yet - I have the 1/32nd ID Models Sunderland and a Combat Models 1/32nd scale Vickers Wellington in the stash... decisions decisions!


I may well do an HK 1/32nd B-17 as something a little more straight forward, but vacs are addictive and I never know when I'll succumb again!



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Awesome Tom, simply awesome!


I was a joy to follow you on your journey to completion with this model, which exhibits 'extreme presence'!


Well done Sir :clap2:



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Thanks for the kind words folks... I'm glad she's a crowd pleaser!



An awe-inspiring result of an inspirational build Tom. Major congratulations and kudos to you. Can I ask your permission to publish your photos on the website?




Feel free Kev - help yourself to any photo's you wish to use.


When you say 'publish photo's to the website', what exactly does that mean as there's already about 300 on here!?



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