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So what about a hybrid Vac/resin kit?

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I disagree with a number of you guys in your approach to "encouraging" others. This hobby means different things to different people and I see no reason to be a pushy mama and/or papa telling the kid to go do something he really does not want to do.

I can see showing him what can be done if he so wished to do it. If he wants to try something new to him he will and if he does not want to try then leave him alone.

When the guy who was building  squadron of model Me-109s without sanding the glued edges told me this I kept my mouth shut. He was happy building his models his way and yes he knew all about cleaning up the joints yet he chose not to do so. Thus I felt my suggestions would be unwanted.

Personally I really resent unasked for advice when I am engaged in my own work. You make your models your way and I'll make mine my way.

If a person asks for advice then I'll let go whole hog and encourage him to try new techniques and make the effort to gain new skills. BUT the person has to ask for it. Otherwise I am rudely imposing.


Iain, I think your idea of demonstrating how to work with vacuforms at the show is a great idea. Guys who are interested will stay and learn something and possibly actually try them out on their own. Those who do not want to do vacs will watch and walk away. But both will have benefited by your demonstrations.  Super idea.



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Hiya Stephen,


Suspect we're actually all in agreement here - it shouldn't be about 'pushing' people into things - just like the age old assembler v. kit basher v. rivet counter v. collector v. small furry creatures from Alpha Centuri debate - which is always a nonsense - everyone should be able to enjoy what makes 'em happy - without others' telling them what to do!


All we're trying to put across is that for those who are put off vacs (although they'd like to build some of the subjects offered) due to self-perceived lack of skills, expertise et al - is that it's not actually that big a hurdle to cross if you're that way minded.


Doesn't make anyone any less of a modeler just because they enjoy building the latest Tamigawa masterpiece straight from the box and are not interested in working in other media - and doesn't mean we're trying to push...  :)



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Hmmm - wondering if we should do some vac demo's at Telford on the 32 SIG stand?




I can't do a demo, but I will be happy to bring my Hudson along still (providing it's up to where I want it...), hoping to have one side 'done' internally, and one just a blank canvas to show what can be done from what you get...

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The more I think about it the more I like the idea of setting up some demonstrations of building a vacuform kit at a show.

It should also be recorded for the benefit of those who miss it or could not attend the show.

If a guy watchers a person building a vac kit, starting from outlining the cutting lines on to the separating the part from the sheet, etc. etc. he will how easy it really is.

That may encourage him to try one himself.

But I think what is called for here is the soft sell. Just show how easy it is and let the onlookers ask questions. Do not appear to be pushing people into building vacs. There are a number of guys who get into model building as release from the tensions of everyday life. If a hard sell is presented you will just scare them away and they may end up in basket weaving or bird watching.

However it is unlikely that you would scare them into golf. I know of no other essentially one man sport that is so stressful and frustrating than golf. Golf is a game where executives take a walk in the country with colleagues so they can discuss business privately. It is also a way for the father to leave the home, wife and rug-rats for a day off with friends in the country. It is good for business because it encourages men to lie about their scores. Lying is a good skill for business executives.

Also there are guys who are actually fearful of attempting vacuforms. If they see how easy it is they may overcome their trepidation and actually try one.

Remember what Teddy Roosevelt said, "Talk softly but carry a new number 11 Xacto knife."

Would I lie to you?


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