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Birdcage Corsair the Hard Way!

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Hi folks,


Well, with the recent news of the forthcoming release of Tamiya's Birdcage Corsair wunderkit, I thought I'd better pull the covers off this project and declare it a going concern before it comes to seem completely redundant. But first, the pretext.


This package was sent to me as a 'challenge build' by someone who prefers to remain anonymous for the purposes of this build thread, and who will from now on be referred to, where necessary, as my Anonymous Benefactor (AB). So a big Thank You to AB up front!


The idea is that I get a Trumpeter F4U-1D kit, complete with Montex Birdcage Conversion and just about every other aftermarket item you could think of, and in exchange I'm obliged to build the thing in public and return all unused parts at the finish. Sounds like a challenge to me!


So, here's what we're dealing with:


The Kit:



Eduard PE sets:






Left-to-right: Montex mask set included in the Birdcage Conversion, Archer prop logo dry transfers, Pyn-Up decals.




Left-to-right: Stock decals from Revell kit, Trumpeter kit decals.


Upgrade Parts:



Left-to-right: Quickboost pitot tube, Aires wheel bays, Montex birdcage parts (including Moskit exhausts), LSP cowling (I think!).




Left-to-right: Waldron oxygen hose, Waldron cockpit placards, G-Factor gear legs with (I think) Obscureco wheels.




Verlinden cockpit set for the Revell kit (just in case). Does anybody know if it will fit?





AB bundled all the instructions for the kit and aftermarket items into a single re-sealable plastic sleeve. It also houses a copy of the instructions from the Revell kit, the Tamiya 1/48 kit and a bunch of reference photo print-outs. There's also the instructions for the Obscureco Hamilton Standard prop blade set, but I haven't been able to locate those yet. I'm pretty sure they're in there somewhere!





I know bugger-all about Corsairs, so I'll definitely have to do some reading for this project. Apart from the stuff in the photo above that AB sent me, I have very little else on the F4U, so I'll be seeking liberal advice from you fine chaps as things progress.


Having said that, I'm just putting my flag up here and making this build official while it doesn't have any competition. But I want to finish my Hughes racer at least before I begin tackling this one, as it will be a difficult and long-term build that will require me to step it up notch. As I said at the top, a real 'challenge build'. But many of you will have already finished multiple Tamiya Corsairs long before this one graces my display shelves.


Let the games begin!



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yeah Kevin - been looking at mine too, although not destined to be a Birdcage but anyway.


Impressive collection of aftermarket - this should be fun. I'm particulary interested in how the verlinden cockpit fits (as you are), cause I have one too... Go for it :-)


Those G-factor legs look fantastic, might have to get some.


Looking forward to this !

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I didn't notice a canopy in amongst all that AM..Is there something I'm missing, or is that a vac job or similar later on?


And I concur, more AM for a single kit than I've seen before. Good luck!

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Wow Kev, that's ambitious! I would suggest the Aires cockpit set over the Verlinden one, Verlinden's set is just plain nasty to work with. Very brittle resin with casting blocks and backing plates that are nothing less than hell to sand off. Mine went into the trash.

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Guest Dekenba

I've a feeling we'll not see much development on this until around 6 weeks after Tamiya's kit is launched........

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I for one would not use the Aires wheel wells as stated in the directions. There is nothing left of the wings or the top of the resin piece making it impossible to cement the top and bottom of the wings together. Easier in my opinion to fill the pin marks in the kit wing tops and cut the resin apart to use the sides after removing the top. Hard to fit but impossible to use as directions describe. The kit looks OK but making it with some of what you have I find after 3 tries that its impossible to complete. GOOD LUCK.

Mike Horina

Edited by mhorina

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My goodness, this looks like being an entertaining adventure. A very nice gesture on behalf of AB it has to be said and he/she picked just the right man for the job from what I've seen


Good luck with this mega project Kev. You must be a glutton for punishment! :D



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