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A heavy mod build of the Roden Seimens Schuckert D-III

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Yes, Mike you have the incorrect flanges identified correctly! I have a neat way to make correct ones when I get to it as the incorrect ones are the wrong shape as well.


Hmm, have not worked on the interior yet, have not really planned that out even, have you mixed me up with another build? :hmmm:


As to the engine cylinder heads, I am just about done working through (in my head) what I am planning to do to them. I really do not like how the rocker arms look and the intakes are not really acceptable. Suffice to say that I will be doing some clipping of plastic and will have an aluminum jig made so as to correctly drill new holes for the valve spring locations and some other things. A fair amount of time spent making an accurate tool makes the changes quick, easy, consistent, and accurate. :whistle:


In the meantime this weekend I have been making a small intricate and accurate pattern for a logo to go on my Storm Eagle build. Something I have had rattling around in the back of my head, and finally just decided to do it. It has turned out (so far) much better than I even had hoped. A little more tweaking and a mold for some resin and that beast gets to go a bit further along. I still have a stand to build for it, and it is needing paint and weathering. I also have a deadline that it needs to be done, July 27 and I don't want to be doing last minute finish up. Thus, the Schuckert is there to give some relief from that long going sci-fi build. :mental:


Have a great week all! :beer:

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