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A heavy mod build of the Roden Seimens Schuckert D-III

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Have been working on the engine assembly the last several days. Definitely NOT real accurately molded parts here. Double checked the cylinder assembly above and found it to be a little off center using the bolt circles on the front as guides. Simple matter and it was true. Then the front piece with the valve push rods. Nothing was really true on this part except the front bolt circle. Finally was able to line up the bolt circle and get that to run true between centers. :BANGHEAD2:

So I was able to get the case front (with the push rods on it) all trued up and ready to attach to the crank case with cylinders. Attached the cylinder tops and then attached the front part after checking all the alignments. Everything runs nice and true. It is accurate enough that the cylinder fins line up when spinning the assembly. :yahoo:

Then I attached the push rod ends to the valve rockers and took a long hard look at it. Hmmm. Looked at the photos I have of the real thing and back. (Yes another HMMMMMM!) The push rods look like logs stuck to the front of the engine instead of the thin wires they should be. :doh: Ends up that isn't quite all, where the push rods attach to the case is WAY WRONG! (and oversized!) :BANGHEAD2:

So while the engine when spinning runs quite true, it needs some finessing to get it looking like it should. Can we say 22 scratch built push rods? The push rods as molded are .61mm dia. they should be .36mm dia. The bases should be staggered with the intake slightly in front of the exhaust push rods where they exit the case. Then the exhaust push rod should be closer and slightly behind the intake. Plus those are too big around. There is a base to the 2 that should only be 1.6mm wide they are currently 2.0mm wide. (Sigh!) :BANGHEAD2:

Yes I guess I am a little mental, :mental: but this is doable, the pain is that I have to make 11 sets (that is 22 funky shaped bases and they need to look alike). Then I need to make the 11 spark plugs and place them correctly, and cut off the flanges on the intake tubes, make some new flanges (the flanges are 90 degrees off) and mount that all properly.

The engine does look quite neat, but it will be a totally different look with everything more proportional and correctly done.

Never fear everyone! I am taking a lot of close photos and will put together another detailed post soon!

Time for a beer!

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Almost forgot! I received the Spandau machine gun barrels machined from brass today. Very nice! Got these from Free Time Hobbies for $13.56 plus shipping. (had a couple of other items as well). So the next step of building the machine guns is supplied with wanted parts. :clap2:

Here is the Manufacturers photo. FYI. These are made in Poland.


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Hey all! I just have a quick teaser update to post. Have a much longer/larger update I am working on, but this will tease ya a little bit. Been working on the engine the last week or so. Have quite a number of things going on with it, but here is one little thing I needed to do and just sat down at my watch lathe and turned these out. As the originals on the model were rather crude AND in the wrong place they were removed. Here are the replacements. :D





Enjoy! I will be back soon with a new update!


Time for a beer! :beer:

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Yup, you read it right, a watchmaker's lathe. The old original ones made here in the US are getting rather worn and tools and parts for them are usually the same. The Swiss versions are somewhat in better shape depending on how they have been kept. Mine is in fairly decent shape and I have a number of good attachments for it though I am in need of a decent set of wire chucks. The ones I have are adequate, but it never hurts to have good tools.


I do use this for work occasionally, I do watch repair for a living and I do have older watches come across my bench with that parts are no longer available and they have some bad wear in an important area. This usually has to be machined out, a replacement made and installed. Most of the work is by hand and it ends up being a little test and fit until it is just right. Making small plastic (or even brass) parts is easy when it doesn't have to be to tight tolerances.


Here were some parts I made for the old Eduard Hannover cockpit (in a smaller scale) :mental:




Am working on the next post. I will get a photo of the lathe setup so you can see it.

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I just knew when I started to watch this , that your detailing would be such a pleasure and delight to see..


EXEMPLARY workmanship..


It is quite SPECTACULAR to watch you create magic with your scratchbuilding and making your own parts..


Just AMAZING.. :thumbsup:


Kepp up the good work...will be Back to see your imagination working ....


:bow: :wow:

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Awesone Interior & Engine Work Paul. ! Youve Reeeeallly put your Special Modeling Power Tools to great Use, True Modern Day Crafstmenship. ASide from Rectangular Engine Air intake Flanges. I noticed the Kit Parts - The FLaanges on the Intake pipes were molded 90 degree vertical instead of Horizontal to the Clyinder head. GREAT Work really looking foward to the rest. Will you be motorizing this build as well after all your engine balanceing work ? Yours MIke

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