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Tamiya Spitfire VIII


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bth_AnEvenBetterShotoftheClassicBox_zpsc The Classic Box





When Tamiya came out with their 1/32 scale Spitfire series, I was not interested at first. On one hand I have more Spitfires than I can count, both built and waiting to be built. On the other hand, the reviews made this kit out to be a handful of model. My opinion of it began to thaw when I saw that the kit featured my favorite Spitfire markings. “If one would fall into my lap…” I promised myself, sure that my lap only had room for my computer and cats.



bth_MyFavoritSpitfireColors_zps15318100. My Favorite Spitfire Markings



One managed to fall into my lap during a recent adventure in Japan. Sorry, kitty, a promise is a promise. My accommodations did not allow me a workspace, but I was saved when I discovered the Tamiya Plamodel Factory in Yokohama. It specializes in Tamiya products and contains a workshop that rents building space and every building tool imaginable, including an airbrush (yes, they have spray booths) and magnifying lenses.
There is nothing like building a model at your favorite hobby shop, especially when you find yourself needing a bottle of paint.

I cannot say enough about the Tamiya Plamodel Factory. If you find yourself in the Tokyo area, it is in the Tressa Yokohama Mall. It contains a pretty much all manner of Tamiya products, including cake decorations (yes, you heard right). The staff has enough English for a Modeler, and they treat you like family.

I have a couple of quarter scale Tamiya Spitfires and am used to the ‘shake the box’ quality of them. The initial impression upon opening this kit is, “that’s a LOT of model” We’ll see how it goes together with the photoetch and tiny little magnets. Yikes!


bth_CockpitRHAftView_zps59eca262.jpg Cockpit Ready for Installation. Goes together easily, love the detail!

I'm thinking that Tamiya will be the first to get it right on the F4U-1 cockpit.







With the exception of the Bubble Top models, all Spitfires shared this common structure:



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Guest Peterpools


Welcome aboard and enjoy the LSP Forum. Looking forward to your Spitfire build, as I am getting close to the finishing stages on my build thread.

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