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1/28th Revell SPAD XIII

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Hi guys,


Thanks for the heads-up and apologies for the late reply! :oops:


Work continued on the SPAD.

The channels between the interplane struts have been filled with wood glue.

Several layers were needed. After that the paint was touched up by brush.

They are not completely gone but are much less conspicuous now. :innocent:


Remember this is meant as a OOB build! :)


Next, the decals were put on.

I used the excellent decal set of the latest re-release of the SPAD by RoG,

now a couple of years old.


Here is the topside:




Unfortunately, the black camouflage bleeds a little bit through the white "1".

The decal is slightly too thin.


And here is the underside:




It is going to be a nice colourful bird! ^_^

Next job is the rigging.


To be continued...





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Hi guys,


The rigging continued this weekend.

Clothes pegs were used to apply tension on the fishing wire while the superglue sets:




After a couple of hours, it was done.

That's the advantage of an OOB build, including the rigging method, excluding the knots! ;)

Some metallic paint was run along the fishing wire with a smal brush to get a metal colour.

Here is the SPAD with rigging:










Oh, yes, the SPAD got a shot of Gunze satin gloss acrylic laquer, mixed from equal parts gloss clear and flat clear,

in order to achieve the sheen seen on a well known picture of Eddie Rickenbacker in front of his mount.


The wheels and tail skid are mounted now as can be seen on the pictures.


The exhaust pipes have been painted a burnt metallic color and are further coloured using

Tamiya's weathering powders. This product is very easy to use and gives good results.


Here are the pipes after sealing in with satin gloss varnish:




Progress will slow down again because the boss is calling. :D


To be continued...





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Really cool! I always forget to check the GB sections and I missed this one. I have one as well, but with all the Copper State goodies......your build is inspiring. It's too bad Revell got blasted when they released the 1/28 Fokker D.VII and they swore off the series. It'd have been cool to see what else would've come out.


Keep it up!!



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Hi guys,


Thanks for the compliments!

I must say it looks rather well OOB.

Remember the kit is from 1957, so it was quite an achievement in those times.


Chris, great you have the Copper State goodies as well.

I'm afraid Revell was rightly blasted with the 1/28 D.VII, it is not that accurate, in comparison with the old trio from the fifties.


Anyway, with WNW covering the WW1 subjects now in 1.32, I don't think Revell will bother anymore with expanding the series.





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Hi guys,


Work continued on the propeller.

It was painted a Tamiya sand colour.

The wood grain was pencilled on using my daughters colour pencils (permission granted!! :coolio: )


It looked like this:



Followed by a coat of Tamiya clear Orange:




Unfortunately, the coat was too thick, the effect almost dissappeared. :angry2:

I applied a layer of Gunze flat clear and added some more wood effect with a darker brown pencil.

Followed by a few layers of Klear.


The result is lying in front of the SPAD with its engine exposed;




The wood effect is clearly visible in real life, though I intended a bit more contrast.

However this will have to do. ;)

Note that the gunsight has been installed on the upper cowling and the rocker cover blisters on the radiator cowling.


Next job was painting Mr. Rickenbacker.

According to our big friend Google, the USA uniforms at the time were "field drab".

I don't have the corresponding Model Master bottle, so I mixed some Humbrol 116 and 29 until I got something that looked like it.

Boots, gloves, belts and goggles were painted Revell 84, the leather cap Humbrol 63.

The insigna got a drop of gold paint.

Drybrushing was performed with Humbrol 29, shadowing with Tamiya smoke.


The face was painted with Revell flesh colour.

Highlights of the face (lipe, eyes, wrinkles) were applied by mixing in some white and red where appropriate.

Eyebrows and pupils were painted with a mix of black and brown.

The goggle glasses are simulated with a layer of Klear.


Here are the tools:



And here is Mr. Rickenbacker exposed:






I don't paint figures often, but I must say I'm happy with the way he looks.


Here is Mr. Rickenbacker in his office:




The exhaust staining was applied with Tamiya weathering powder. An excellent and easy to use product!

It was sealed in with some Gunze Flat Clear.


Note that I glazed the windshield with Kristal Klear...I was lazy! :P




Which means....Tadaaaa.... it is finished!!! :yahoo:

Some temporary glamour shots in the next posting! ^_^


To be continued...

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Hi guys,


As promised,

Here are some temporary glamour shots of my AOOB 1/28 Revell SPAD XIII on my workbench.











Hope you like her.

I do, it is a nice kit to build (except for all the ejection pin marks...).

We all know it is not as detailed as a fifty years younger WNW kit, but hey, that's progress.

With care, I think a pleasing model can result, even OOB!

The kit was an enormous effort in 1957 and it can still hold its own.


When I have time I will make more glamour shots with a neutral background.

For the moment this will have to do.


Which means: This build thread is finished!


Now, back to the stash, which LSP next??? :wacko:





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Nice job Peter, LOVE it! Really do................this was not the easiest (or even best) kit out there to go together and you pulled it off smashingly! Really enjoyed watching this 1 come together, since you dont often see these being built!


Ive taken the liberty of putting your beautiful Spad up in the WoTGW GB Gallery:







BTW..................what IS next??

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Fantastic work Peter! Your original version of the prop, pre-clear orange, looks amazing! I do agree that the orange clear coat has tended to diminish the effect somewhat, but it still looks really good. Congrats on a really fine build.



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Hi guys,


Thanks for the compliments, it's appreciated!



Indeed, using colour pencils is an effective and easy to use technique for simulating wood.

Especially when you have to make complicated multi coloured wood patterns.

I used it for the first time on this SPAD.

Because I wanted to finish the model, I didn't want to redo the propeller again, so I made the best of it. ;)



Thanks for adding the pictures to the WotGW gallery. Great!

I'm still pondering what the next LSP will be.

I have some unfinished projects lying around, with corresponding WIPs scattered here at LSP! :P


On the other hand, it will be fun to enter something in the Anything but injection moulded! GB.

I have two possible candidates: the Seafire FR47 conversion with the Revell/Matchbox Spitty Mk.22 and the XS Models Pond Racer.

Oh, well... Decisions, decisions... :P


Anyway, first I go away for a few days flying with the club! :yahoo:





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