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1/28th Revell SPAD XIII

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Kev, Peter,


Thanks! :)


And a new boxart for the database as well. Nice one, Lee!


Small update:

The fuselage halves had been glued together, but the wing was still loose.

I figured the joints of the panel below it would not be sufficient strong to hold the wing in place.

So it was glued to the fuselage. Here it is with clamps while drying:




The inside of the lower panel can be seen through the cockpit and the engine bay, so it got some paint.

The rear side of it and the interior of the cockpit cover will get woodgraining effect.


To be continued.





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Hi guys,


The SPAD is looking more and more like an aeroplane.


The interiors of the fuel tank cover and the cockpit cover were given a wood treatment:




Although the cockpit is covered with a metal panel, what you actually see is some woodwork so that's why it got that treatment.

The same holds for the rear of the fuel tank cover.

That part showed a gap, so some strip was glued on the forward edge to make it fit.


Here it is fixed to the bottom of the fuselage:




And here is the cockpit cover on top of the fuselage.

Note that in reality it stands a little proud of the fuselage, so it was attached that way. ;)




The stabilizer has been added as well.


The fuselage is divided along existing panel divisions.

Because the SPAD is not the last word on close fitting panels, there is no need for extensive filling.

Some wood glue to hide some gaps will be sufficient! B)


I couldn't resist fitting the nose panels and the fin to see how things shape up.

Actually, after a little clean-up, the fit is very good.

How is that for a 55 years old mould!




I found out that the radiator front is lost. <_<

However, I think it is not too hard to scratch a copy of the radiator front of my other SPAD kit.


It will probably be quicker than trying to obtain a new part from RoG. The kit is not listed in the current catalogue.

Anyway, it is fun to do as well! :P


To be continued.





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Hi guys,


I slapped some paint on the bird.

It is my usual primer, Revell 75, mixed with white spirit and lacquer thinner, in a mix of approximately

50%, 25%, 25%. When sprayed on, it etches a little bit into the plastic.

The result is good adherence of the paint and it dries very smooth.

Here is the result:






Close inspection revealed that only a few spots will require additional filling and sanding. Pfew! :P


Next, I copied the radiator part of my other kit, because it was missing from this one.

I started by tracing the original part on card:




Followed by drilling out the contours of the hole for the propeller shaft:




Then, the hole was filed into shape, the new part cut out with a scissors and filed into shape.

It was constantly checked against the radiator cowling, to make sure it would fit!


Some thin superglue was spread on the plastic, followed by a coarse mesh:




When dried, it was trimmed into shape.


The radiator shutters were added from Microstrip, attached with gap-filling superglue, and trimmed to shape.

This is the result:




I think I made a fair copy of the original part, which is on the right. B)

And here it is in its cowling:




It fits!!! :yahoo:


From now on progress will slow down a little bit, because next week I will be away for a business trip.


To be continued...





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