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1/32 Hasegawa Bf109G-6 9/JG52, Hartmann 1942-43


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Hello once again,


This was started in the Bf109 STGB over on BM but I never got around to finishing in time for the build deadline.


The early build is here: Bf109G-6


I have kicked on with a few areas and I will post some more progress photos shortly......

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OH my. Looking forward to your WIP here. I have one planed in the future , so I'll be watching for sure !...........Harv :popcorn:

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Guest Peterpools


Great start the the 109. The detailing work looks terrific and looking forward to following the build.

Keep 'em coming


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Well progress you demanded...


Here is the first iteration of the MDC STBD cockpit wall:




The walls have been sprayed RLM66, a coat of future, oil wash and details picked out. The oxygen system is RLM24 and the wiring is RLM63.


The IP:




Same procedure as above. The instrument surrounds are interior flat black, RLM04 and RLM23. I have the Airscale LW instruments but they seem a little big for the MDC IP. So, I will use the MDC supplied instrument decals.


The RB productions harness:




The final stage of the STBD wall:




More details picked out. The white added to the centre of the O2 system and copper on the control wheel. Various switches picked out in white and red and all given a RLM02 drybrush. The fuel line has some sort of tape moulded on so I took a WAG and painted it RLM02.


The PORT wall:




Same basic procedure as before.


The cockpit main area:






RB lap harneses CA to seat and the ends scured with Gator's Grip. Foil toe straps painted MM Leather. Control column detailed.


The forward bulkhead of the radio compartment:




The compartment interior:






Most if not all of this area will never be seen once it is together. But I know (and now you know) it's there!



A bit more tinkering to be done. I hope to add the IP decals and cockpit placards tonight before a final spray of Dullcote. Thanks for looking in and as always, constructive comments are welcome.



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Welcome back!


There has been progress...


The radio compartment:




The forward bulkhead has been attached. Airscale cockpit placard decals have been added in the form of red lightening bolts to the electrical boxes and some MDC data plates. The air conduits are lead wire. I left them natural colour for some variety.




A closer look and that will be almost the last anyone sees! As I thought once the fuselage halves are together you can see VERY little! Oh well...


The STBD wall:




Some Airscale placards, data plates and MDC instrument faces in the O2 system. The clear fuel piece has been added to the line.


The IP:




The MDC decals were added and a coat of Micro Sol to settle them. Next time I might try and cut them out with a Waldron punch as I have made a bit of a hash of placement!




I was a bit rash with the dremel and removed some of the upper fuselage. A small piece of plasticard has been addes to provide some strength and a base for filler.


The Revi 16 gunsight:




Aluminium base coat and oil wash. MDC data plate on the front. The glass and shade will be added. I am not sure about a power cable as my references show lots with the Revi 12, but not so much the 16? Any thoughts out there?


The cockpit floor:








A few touch ups and the control column added. MDC plaque on the gun cover.


The PORT sidewall is complete but for some reason I forgot to shoot a photo. The fuselage is now buttoned up and drying. Once I add the IP, gun sight and such I will install the cockpit floor in through the opening and then add the front and rear canopies before sealing up the cockpit.


Thanks for looking...



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