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Hah. No, I haven't given up on this/forgotten about it but I have been distracted by lots of other projects.


Going to get back to this this weekend and hopefully post some pix of progress to date.


Still hemming and hawing about doing the night bomber v. another daytime fighter. I really like both variants, especially the ones with the rear-firing acrobat Lewis gun.


Stay tuned.


Tim W.

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After consideration, I'm doing this one up as an 11 Squadron FE-2 using option "B" from the kit. Rather than making it the training squadron, I'm backdating it to the operational aircraft--which means adding armament, but not too much else. The whole thing will eventually be mounted on a board with the crew doing their "which way is Pozières?" preflight discussion. Might add a figure or two on the ground, but we'll see.












Comments etc. welcome as always!


Tim W.

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Yeah...still sidetracked, but at least I managed to finishe the Hannover for the Group Build!


Waiting on some Bob's Buckles and then the Fee will be in the home stretch!




Tim W.


Tim, with this GB now officially drawn to a close, do you want me to move your thread over to the WiP forum?



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