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Sorry guys for the lack of updates on this. Was away with the wife for spring break and now work and family are taking up much of my time. I hope to get a little done on the W.4 this week. As soon as I have something wrorth sharing, I will be sure to do so.

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Great start on a great subject. I definitely would like the chance to benefit from your work building a master, if you consider making some conversions to sell. Got to love that hexagon navy camo.



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Hi there Al. I wish I had something to post, but other projects (and just plain old life) has been getting in the way.


When I do have something to show it will appear on here.


Hi Chuck,


Let us know when this one's back on the front burner and we'll move your thread over to the WiP forum.



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Hello Chuck,


Thanks for getting back to me.

I found the Windsock Datafile at a shop in the UK and am digging feverishly for other information.

If I find anything unique, I'll mention it to you just in case you don't have it.


Keep up the good work!!



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Boy guys. Sorry to have to report this but I have done nothing new on this one.


Summer just keeps on going here (not that I'm complaining) and I promised the family to never let my hobby get in the way of having fun with them. Between that promise, working night shifts (I am so ready to retire), fixing all the "stuff" that breaks on an old house and just life in general, it seems I have little time left to devote to my little W.4


Once things settle down and the fall rolls around, production of the W.4 conversion will get going again. You will be first to hear when it does and thanks for your patience, Chuck.

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