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WNW Roland D VIa

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Hey all,


I am in with the Wingnut Wings Roland D VIa. These WNW kits are a joy. No struggles with building, instead its all about finishing.




I think I am going to paint it up as Emil Kock's Jasta 32b aircraft. The well defined planks will make masking the stripes oh so much easier.




Ok, so I a starting with painting the interior wooden surfaces. Here are the paints I am using to create a natural wood finish.




Step 1. I sprayed a 10:8:3 mix of Vallejo white:light brown:yellow as a base coat. Individual planks were then oversprayed with lighter or darker mixes of the base coat and then a thin mottleing of Tamiya redbrown was oversprayed to add just a little more tonal variation to the finish. It looks messy now, but it will all come together nicely.




Step 2. I dabbed on small dots of burnt umber oil paint. Then, with a moistened brush I dragged these lengthwise down the interior of the cockpit. I repeated the process until most of the paint was removed and I was left with a subtle woodgrain effect.






Step 3. After waiting about 24 hours for the oils to dry, I applied a burnt umber wash to add some depth to the interior detail.




Step 4. Finally, the cockpit interior was oversprayed with a 50/50 mix of Taniya clear orange and clear yellow. This layer brings all the previous ones together nicely and results in a nice varnished wood effect.




And here is the cockpit interior with framing laid in place.




That's what I got today. I will try and do something about the photos. I think I need better light so I can get a deeper depth of focus.



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Guest Peterpools

Welcome aboard and to the Great War GB

Terrific start on the Roland

Keep 'em coming

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Another great choice. I have one of these in the stash, so will be following your build with interest.




Tim W.

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Really nice wood grain effect there Dave! Ill have to try overs-praying with clear orange and yellow like that..........looks really nice.......


Ever try adding Japan Drier to thin your oils with? Takes the oil drying time down to just a few hrs.



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Hey All,


First, Brian, thanks for the head's up on Japan Dryer, I will give it a try. Ok, so a few updates on the Roland. I have been making my way through the interior. I painted the engine compartment using a similar series of steps to those used to finish the cockpit.




The next three photos show the mostly completed cockpit. I used EZ Line for rudder cables and brass wire for the control rod on the left side of the cockpit. Otherwise all else is OOB. I still neet to add the switches to the instrument dials and I have some touching up to do with the ammo shutes.








Next up, building and painting the engine.


Thanks for looking.



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Wonderful start Dave! I really like the wood grain painting effect, something I have yet to try myself but will have to learn when I get to the propellor on my DVII. This group build should result in a spectacular looking flying circus.




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Wolf, Dr. Dave and SinuheH, thank you for the comments, I am glad to participate - this is my first group build. I see lots of great aircraft here and I am finding Great War aviation fascinating.


Ok, so a little update. I have spent the week buiding/painting the engine. Since the Roland has a high cowel that obscures most of the powerplant, I have not invested in any fancy superdetailing. I will save the Taurus upgrades for my Alby kits. The engine was painted with Vallejo paints and washed with oils. Here are a few pics:








.... and a couple with the engine installed in the interior framing:






Thats all for today. I now have the fuselage closed and primed. Next up, stripes!


Everyone keep up the good work.





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Thanks Maru,


It was fun to paint. I think this is why the WNW kits are fantastic. Its all about the finishing. I use my airbrush more often than my hobby knife!

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