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Foiled HKM B-25J Strafer - 345th BG Air Apaches - Lady LiL


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Holy cow man. I would love to have the time and energy to scratchbuild my dream plane,the XP-38 in 1/32 and then slap some tin foil on it like this. But I will leave that task to some one younger and more talented.


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WOW! Spectacular work on the masking and paintwork. Nothing like watching a pro at work!

Keep 'em coming

:popcorn: :popcorn: :popcorn:


BTW, Still making slow but steady progress on the Jug



Thanks Peter, kind of you to say. Def looking forward to more progress on the Thunderbolt. :D




Its fair to say my Ghast is well and truly flabbered!


I have a P80 Shooting star to build and might just have a little pop at foiling it although im not confident in getting a finish quite like your B25!





Thanks for the kind words.....................and you should give it a whirl. Just get a test bed model to experiment on first. You can lay all sorts of flubs on a test bed, so you can get the technique that works best for you down prior to starting anything on a model youve slaved over.





Holy cow man. I would love to have the time and energy to scratchbuild my dream plane,the XP-38 in 1/32 and then slap some tin foil on it like this. But I will leave that task to some one younger and more talented.




Thanks Jerry. Id say with your talent, experience and history you could accomplish anything you like.





Spectacular so far Brian!!





Thanks John. :D





On to progress..............significant progress IMHO. This was a critical part of the build for me. Not only did I have all the giant decals to lay, but they are layered............and on top of that, some are going around some significant compound curves. All on the most (and usually first) part of the aircraft looked at, the nose.


First, the Lady had a very strange weathering pattern, in that when she had her camo removed (prior to being re-assigned to the 345th) they left her .50 cal side gun packs on. It was not until later long after being stripped back to NMF, did the Lady’s side gun packs get removed for structural integrity reasons. This left some visible & very prominent marks behind when they were removed. Another weathering “oddity” in this area of the Lady is that having left the cheek pack guns on after returning the Lady to NMF, left some fairly permanent gun residue staining. This is quite evidently left behind from the check guns firing, and is also very distinctly behind the Vargas pin-up and her blue circle. Both of which remain fairly clean and newer looking as compared to the darker staining from the guns. This is seen not only in the my avatar of Lady LiL called “Raid on the China Coast” –





But it is also very evident in the period pics I have of the Lady herself in 1945 –




Having studied the reference pics here is my effort to replicate this. I first removed the OOB cheek guns, and applied some foil glue on both ends of each pack for temporary adhesion –




Once I had them stuck temporarily on the model where I wanted them, I lightly traced around each with an architects pencil. Then removed the cheek packs, and put some clear frisket film over each side transferring the pattern to the film. I cut out the film and placed it back on the foil, then grained the area creating a new sheen to just the pack areas. Next with the frisket masks still in place, I took some Flory Models wash dark dirt to the whole area building up some next to the film, letting it dry, and then removed with damp cloth. Next I took some Tamiya smoke and sprayed some thinned smoke to simulate the gun residue –








Then it was go time……………………..time to break out the main nose decals in layers. This was a one shot deal. I only have 1 of each large green feather decal, and only 1 Vargas pin-up girl. So, I took a deep breathe, and just went for it.


I must say, things turned out WAY better than I could have hoped. I have to give Eli at Zotz decals (no way affiliated) a HUGE hand here, as there were a couple of times I really didn’t think things were going to smooth out…………but they all did. The decals were strong when they needed to be and compliant when I asked them to be. The decals did require coaxing from Solvaset rather than Micro-Sol, but they responded in kind when applied without melting.


The 345th BG falcon’s beak decal was testament to this alone. It had the worst of the WORST compound curves to go over on the underside of the nose, but eventually with some gentile tamping using a Q-tip and some Solvaset, it laid down a treat.


Well gents here she is, as straight and perfect as would ever be capable of. I applied some chipping using the dry brush technique by tapping down with a wide flat soft brush. The chipping is actually fairly subtle, and doesn't really show well under a coat of clear gloss prior to a wash of FM dark dirt wash –










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THanks Harv!


After letting the gloss dry, I applied a wash of FM dark dirt. Let dry, and wipe off. Then I just simply shot a coat of flat matte clear over everything to scale it and give it some realism.


Im a happy, happy bunny I must say. Things turned out in the end as good as I could have hoped, and had no major disasters when dealing with the nose decals, which is the 1 area I was truly worried about.


Here she is with a flat coat on gents -




The fuse stars and bars have not gotten any weathering or flat coating yet, but put them on while I had the fuse away from the wings. -




Next to a pick of the 1:1, Im liking what I see when I look at both myself -



















All for now guys, thanks once again for stopping in on me........





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oh good grief! that is simply incredible! . now the questions. In relation to the Gloss for the decals, what did you use and what effect, if any did it have on the burnishing of the NMF?


Im interested becaude i spray painted a Trumpy Mig 15, got the finish just as i wanted then on adding the Klear layer for the decals, it went proper dark, too much so. likewise, how would you go about the really shiny NMF as seen on mustangs and ironically P80's?

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Guest Peterpools


Holy Cow ... now that's one brilliant decal job. I am absolutely amazed at how well they laid down over all the compound curves and not a single hint of a wrinkle. Truly amazing.

You sure have the Midas touch Buddy.

Keep 'em coming

:popcorn: :popcorn:

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