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Foiled HKM B-25J Strafer - 345th BG Air Apaches - Lady LiL

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Thanks guys. :D Cheers!


More progress..............................


Got a large chunk of the empennage foiled. Again these are pretty much virgin foiled panels, and have yet to be touched up, weathered and in some spots, some panels/areas on the top may get some flat to replicate the harsh Philippine climate and baking sun. Some of the shinier ones will get toned down with flat as well. This will also help bring the multi tone finish all together in the end as well -













Also completed some other harder, to cover areas like the waist gun surround since they have some compound curve to them as well. All the wrinkles seen are all on the window mask area to be cut out and removed later -




Also got a jump on finishing the leading edges of the wings, and some of the wing to nacelle transition areas that have compound curves to them (I like to get the hardest parts to foil over 1st) -









Tiz all for tonight ladies..............its off to work for me. :( Boo!

More foiling will take place in the coming days..............stay tuned!




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Brian, looks fantastic!





Double Ditto :punk:



Thanks guys! The foil is still way too shiny in parts atm for all the oxidation on the Lady during her combat stint, so I will either have to re-grain some shiny panels or will have to apply a flat coat after all the weathering and decals have been applied.


I have conquered most of the harder to foil compound curve panels so far, so most of the major panels left to foil should be easier to do than the previous ones I have been working on.



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This is absolutely spectacular.


Part of me wants to build an NMF model just to try it out. The other part of me realizes it is probably more difficult than it looks and I would have to learn something new..... :hmmm:


At any rate, amazing work.

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Sweet work! Thanks for the tut. I'll have to give foiling a go. I have wanted to try it for a while but have been to scared.

How do you clean your airbrush out after shooting glue from it? I only have one brush and don't why to ruin it.

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