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Welcome to the HobbyLink Japan Forum!

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Glad your aboard. I have been away for awhile due to 'life' issues but its glad to see you here. Its the best forum I have found.


I have ordered a lot from HLJ over the years and their new 'Private Warehouse' allows you to hold items there for up to 60 days. This is great on saving shipping cost as you are not shipping items each time your place an order.



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Hello everyone!


Thanks for the welcome!


My name is Todd and I'm with HobbyLink Japan.  I've been given the ok to take over posting on this forum.


I actually have been on Large Scale Planes under a different username (which shall remain anonymous!) since before I started working here at HLJ.  Due to space constraints living here in Japan I mostly model smaller scales, but I am a big fan of some of these new 1/32 kits that have been coming out over the last decade and have a few in the stash.  Especially now that I'm working here it's a bit hard to resist!  I have my eye on that Kitty Hawk 1/32 P-39 Airacobra sitting in the warehouse at the moment.


If I see any of the new 1/32 kits go up for pre-order on our site I'll see if I can hop over here and make a post on this sub-forum to let everyone know. 



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I have bought 1 model from this site. IMHO this shop is way too expensive. At least to me in Australia. In fact I log on to see what outrageous price they are charging today.

There are better Japanese shops.

And no, I won't tell, they are my prescious, my secret. :D


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