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Tamiya Spitfire Mk. IXc UPDATE 4/20/13 Complete and in the books.

Guest Peterpools

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Guest Peterpools

I have to come clean ... I started the Spit some time ago as a closet, calm your nerves project, after I hit a wall on the Albatros. I've only worked on the Spit while waiting for parts to set up o dry on the Fokker D.VII. The Spit is going to be a true OOB build with no AM parts except Barracuda's door, even though I bought a few more upgrades, I'll save them for a future build. At first I was going to have the cowlings off and the Big Merlin hanging out in the wind but after Big Beautiful Doll and the two WNW kits, I decided to close it up. Keeping things simple and enjoyable (at least for me) my goal is creating an interesting display and presentation with light weathering; Used but not Abused.

The Front Office is done and the fuselage is ready to be closed up. Now it's back to the Fokker for a while. I can't tip my hat enough as Tamiya kit is near perfect. Part fit is right on the money and no issues at all. I'm following the instructions for everything, including the painting guide and so far, so good.

Of course, I couldn't find my bottle of Tamiya XF-71 for the cockpit color when I was ready to paint and settled on my lone tin of Humbrol for the cockpit interior. Tamiya supplied the balance of the colors needed. Light dry brushing was followed up with a burnt umber oil pin wash.















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Guest Peterpools

Thanks Don

Appreciated the kind words. Of course, my Spit isn't in the same league as yours but nice to be in good company.

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