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The impossible camo: F/A-18 in digital scheme


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I've been a big follower of this great forum, this one I finished more than a year ago, just wanted to share with you and give a little back to the community.


The idea was simple, to end up with a model that nearly looked like this one:



The subject is the awesome camo scheme that appeared in some of the famous VMFA-314 Black Knights circa 2003...not sure if they're still using it but anyway I couldn´t resist the challenge. For that matter I used the Academy 1/32 model along with the Aires cockpit and the Exterior set from Eduard along with patience, lots of patience, so here it is. Hope you like it!



Cheers from Mexico!





a.k.a. "Locuaz" (the craziest)




















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This is a sample of the drawings I did to recreate the scheme. I did one for each view for each color (4 of them) and then paste them together as required, opposite to what you all might think I started from the darkest one simply because the lightest colors are also the ones with the most intrincate pattern.



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Guest Peterpools


Welcome aboard

Incredible paint work. I couldn't replicate it in two years, let along one year. Gorgeous work.


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Hello Kev,


Don't mind at all!


Please do so and let me know if you need more pics




a.k.a. "Locuaz" (the craziest)


Thanks Alfonso. The pics are fine mate. I just need your last name so I can credit the article properly.



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