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1/32 Tamiya Spitfire IX


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I am a newcomer to large scale building but I was so impressed with the Tamiya Spitfire that I had to give it a go!

Armed with some reference materials, I have started a long journey...



I have also been inspired by Wolf Buddee and his outstanding build. I hope to follow in some of his footsteps but do not expect the same results!!


Started work on the cockpit, using Barracudacast seat. This is a work of art and much better than the kit version. I will use other resin bits in the cockpit plus a lot of pipework from scratch.





Drilled out some lightening holes in the kit seat frame also



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Guest Peterpools


Welcome aboard and great choice to start enjoying 32nd scale. You couldn't have picked a better mentor then Wolf for your build.

Nothing like the Barracuda upgrade resin parts.

Keep 'em coming

Peter :popcorn: :popcorn:

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  • 2 weeks later...

On with the cockpit....


This insecty thing is the rudder pedal assembly with added details for the fuel supply lever cutoff thing. Also added an electrical suppressor box (black square). Underneath it is a scratchbuilt brake pressure distribution valve that is now totally invisible. I should mention that I am going to add the full works for the plumbing, including the compressed air system. It will all be connected up according to drawings. I don't know why I am doing this, but it will be fun.



This is the beginning of the pneumatic system, the cylinder is the actuator for the radiator flaps and there is a little valve in the back corner that will be connected up with copper piping.



This is another part of the pneumatic system, the big valve thing connects to the radiator flap actuator. I wasn't sure if these bits were mounted here for a mid 1943 Spit, but I decided it was OK and easier than spreading them around the cockpit. I have also scratchbuilt the elevator control lever (better pics of this later, I hope).



Dashboard next and I get to use some of the Barracudacast goodies....

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Great start mate! I'm returning to the hobby after many, many years in the plastic wilderness and I have one of the tamiya spits in my stash.....so I'll be watching with avid interest!


Keep pounding that plastic!




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Thanks all for your kind comments so far. I am a very slow builder, so please be patient. I have a store of photos as I am further ahead on this build than shown here but I will soon catch up!!

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