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1/20 Fujimi Williams FW14b

composite guru

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Ok, this isn't an aircraft but a model none the less. This is my first ever F1 car I have ever built so have a lot to learn. :D


This car is being built with the Studio 27 PE kit and I am adding the extra Camel logos too. I will be adding a few extra details of my own in the way of looms and such like.

When this model is finished it will be mounted on a nice carbonfibre plinth with Adrian Newey's autograph on it just for that extra special touch.

All pics will be placed on this first post to keep them all together.



Thick plastic rear wing pylons chopped off and nice thin scale metal versions fitted.


Main parts dry fitted together.



Engine pretty much there. Just got to build up the suspension and then fit all the active suspension hoses.






Front and rear hoses & wiring added. Just need to assemble and connect everything up.

Almost ready for exterior paint.





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Very clean building so far! Question, don't you think that your friends at F1M must be able to see this building?

Most of them woud be very happy to see it. And the plinth it will be presented on.




Thanks. I do have a build thread on F1M.


I think the plinth will be the icing on the cake for me. Having Adrian just upstairs at my work place is a great pleasure. He started his life doing aerodynamics by making models and modifying them to his own designs. Hopefully he will appreciate the time I have put into this model. :)

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I have a 1/12 version of the FW14B and a Honda MP 4/6 in my stash. I'll get the guts to build them some day. You guys think you can throw a lot of money into 1/32 aftermarket? Take a look at some of the aftermarket available for 1/12 Tamiya F1 cars http://www.macsmodeling.com/1-12%20STORE.htm....it's sick! I just wish Tamiya would do some updated F1 cars in 1/12 scale. Some of these new cars are just crazy looking and in 1/12 scale they'd be friggen awesome. I've got a couple of 1/20 F1 cars from recent years but I'm looking for 1/12.

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My second passion ... F1 (my wife despairs!). I've not seen the Fujimi kit built before so will look forward to this, equally - I've not seen the Studio 27 PE used either so twice the interest then.




The Studio 27 kit contains quite a few parts that I haven't used as they are pretty useless. I have used all of the major parts and will try and use most of the parts within reason.

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