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.............is what I hope people will say when they see my latest finished model...........


Not a more perfect RFI title if I DO say so myself! (shouty part for Phil and Big Matt :lol: )


Well, it started out as a simple project to keep my skills sharp while I waited for my GWB (Great White Buffalo / AKA B-25J Strafer) but that hasnt materialized yet, however the finish of the CHC-2 did.


This model started life as a 1/24th scale Cedar Creek CHC-2 Mk I Beaver (Yep, same one you've all seen advertised in Fine Scale Modeler but I got mine through DeHavilland Dreams web site), and I morphed it into the CHC-2 Mk II N888BH owned and flown by Ron Carleson, who uses it for hunting and fishing expeditions into the Alaskan wilderness.


Here is a pic of basically what the kit started life as, which is the Mk I, with the single round rear cargo windows, standard wingtips, two bladed prop, no elevator stabilizers, molded in exhaust and standard sized chin scoop :




HERE is a link to the WIP build for anyone interested in what was done along the way.



Here is a pic of what the real deal looks like:






This thing was SO hard to photograph, I’m shocked that I actually got any decent shots of er!


This model is strictly a "desktop scale" type model with no real aim towards complete accuracy nor scale. I had no intent on carrying out the complete interior, but wanted to make people who saw it recognize what it is...............more akin to say a prototype model sitting on some chief designers desk somewhere.


Here is what I ended up with minus the white "Arctic Expeditions" decals on each side of the fuse, which I will add later once they come in..................


Enjoy, and thanks for your support!



















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I took a couple more outside on the front driveway in more direct sunlight since it was the only bloody place I could take a pic and include the whole airframe!












Thanks once again to all who comment and gave sage advice, and well wishes along the way..............you guys make it fun.


Cheers guys...........onward and upward!

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Very Nice Brian! I always wondered what the kit looked like, you see them advertised in FSM every month but I had never seen one built. Great job!

All the best,


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Guest Peterpools


The end of a long and exciting journey. Thoroughly enjoyed the build from day one; informative and educational. The finished Beaver speakers for helself; One Gorgeous looking Lady. :clap2: :clap2:

Well done


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Nice Beaver! :thumbsup:


Seriously though, you have made a wonderful job of this kit - it reminds me very much of the sort of RAF Careers type models that I had to make and refurbish during my time as a full time professional model maker with the RAF Exhibition Production Flight.


Well done.



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Brian, that came out just amazing!!!!!!

The only thing you couldve improved on was a silhouete of Mt. McKinley in one of the windows......

(or I guess a blonde in the door). :rofl: ya, I crack myself up....if no one else


Absolutely stunning build....well done!!

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