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32SIG Stand - Telford '12


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Guest Peterpools


The display looked fantastic and what a awesome collection of 32nd aircraft. Looking forward to the next set of images.

Thanks for posting


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You know since we have look at those ugly mugs...than how about some names to go with them....lol just kidding!!


Nice display my friend. Some awesome models are on there.


Now, how about this.....have you guys consider doing a display stand like the one above at the US Nats? It can be LSP site/group display stand and will give opportunity to get together and meet up with individuals from here. I think it will be cool way to support our scale at a largest model show in the nation. Just a big scale display stant...it can happen... :hmmm:


Just food for the though. :closedeyes:

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OK - these are the one's I know - besides Jeroen's photo of Jerry and Royboy above :)


Royboy looking very studious!:




Derek B and Roy Noras:




Left to right: Andreas of XS-Models, Bob (elric) of Spitfire fame, Derek B and Roy Noras:




Nicholas Bavington (IPMS Milton Keynes) looking in, Phartycr0c in grey T-Shirt, Nigel32 in check shirt - comparing notes on the B-25 with yours truly and Roy:




Been a very busy week work-wise - so way behind curve on other photos, UHU etc - please bear with me!



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