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Trumpeter 1:32 P-47D Bubbletop. Finished!


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Hello, everybody! I've been out of the hobby for more then a decade but never stopped following it and after checking modeling sites for a couple of years I just wanted to start building again. So much progress has been made and so much is possible now, and all the stuff I've seen on the internet was really inspiring. My last models before I stopped were 1:48 scale, but that was because of lack of space. My favorite scale is 1:32.

I've got new equipment, read about a lot of new technics, didn't built for a long time, so it's still pretty much practise and expirementing.

So here's some pics of what I did so far on my first 1:32 scale plane in too many years. It's OOB with only HGW seatbelts and some scratchbuilding like the instrument panel and some cockpit details. It's not accurate, improving my skills and making things look realistic is still my priority right now, so please don't hesitate to give me tips on how to improve things! I will focus more on accuracy when I get better.










More later!

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So far, so good. Nice build. May I ask one question, please? What is the twisted wires for on each side of IP ? If they are electrical cables, they would be better on the side walls, I think......Harv :post1:

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Looks good so far! The buckles at the end of the shoulder belts should be bent 90 degrees though. These had the large tab on the lap belt fed through them and then buckled closed.





Ok, thanks! I didn't know that. When I have time I will see if it's still possible to correct this.

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Thanks for the comments!

I realized I never built a Trumpeter kit before. I heard good and bad things about them, but I must say I love this one! I've got a few more in my stash and they all look good too. Although you can't see anything of it I like all the interior details. That's one thing about the hobby that I always liked, that you get a feel for the plane you're building and learn about how it's build and works and how it must be like to fly it or work on it. That's certainly the case for this one!


here's a few pictures of what I've done last weekend. Horizontals are put on and upper fuselage section is puttied and sanded.

I want to make the engine cowl removable so I glued 2 pieces of sprue to the inside and sanded them to shape so that they rest on the 2 intakes. Now I can just slide it on and off. I won't glue the propeller of course. Just a bit of calibration is needed.


First a picture of the paint chipping on the canopy rail, first time i tried and I'm pretty happy with it!




Engine cowl:










Upper fuselage:




A glimpse of the future:




Now I have to wait for next weekend, unfortunately.

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Did some work this weekend. Started working towards assembling the wings, so I worked on the main landing gear bays.


Made hydraulic lines for the actuators:








Primed with Alclad grey primer:




A coat of Alclad airframe aluminium:




Painted with chromate green:







Bit of chipping here and there:






And that's it already. Still some detail painting to do and a wash and some electrical wire to add. But that will be for next weekend.

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