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Mig-21MF Late Model export

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1:32 Trumpter MF

Back Box tub

Eduard PE

zactomodels pylons and aphid missles

Aires seat

begemot stencils

Will be painting in Either Slovakian, Polish, or Romanian Livery.....




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OK getting some stuiff done


First is the nozzle built from PE... the petals each had to be bent to a curved shape.... It was very hard to get them identical even with the use of a jig... thankfully there is a thick wire ring that will straighten these out.... I still think it is better than the kit part and will look nice ticked inside the nozzle.... the inside... and inside of the Afterburner chamber was treated with a wash of vallejo acrylics and acrylic flat coat.... to simulate the green heat coating.... I think it looks pretty close.... it will look better after a dark wash... I had to scratch out the landing gear bays.... they had no details.... I will post more as work is completed










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Darn, you're going to make me guilt myself into finishing my own Trumpeter MiG-21MF. Very nice work, especially the afterburner nozzle. I, too, bult the eduard assembly, but mine is not as symmetrical as yours.

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