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Eli Raphael

PTO P-38G/H decal- The list

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Good luck Eli. I won't be getting any. My one P-38 is enough ! And those "m" decals are the cats meow...........Harv

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Since this will be a limited run set, instructions will be emailed.

Also, the time has come to make a commitment for those that really want this set.

I will only make the necessary decals to cover those who really want it. I will not accept maybes.

I will not accept down payment for them, your word will be enough.

I'm guessing the cost will be around the $10-$15 range without shipping from Mex.

So please write your name on this topic and I will start making the list.

This decal will be started as soon as we finish the F-105D/G set (hopefully by second week

of Aug)


The list:

1. Eli

2. Frank (Daywalker) 2

3. Bill Cross


Thanking you.


Did I miss something here? what schemes were decided on?

Edited by Cunumdrum61

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