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Hobbycraft Sea Fury — Hawker Company demonstrator G-AKRY

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man you guys say some nice things :) - really helps motivate me to do better and make each post better than the last...


..speaking of which, last time around I had just ballsed up casting the drop tanks - lots of bubbles in the mould so a terrible, pitted surface..


I set the master in a new mould, flat side down this time so all the bubbles could reach for the sky...




...sanded off the bottom face on a board and got four matching parts - the casting only takes 15-20 minutes, it's the mould that takes 24hrs to go off - I like it as anyone can do it - I just got a kit from Sylmasta and played around - the witchcraft is in the measuring, as long as the proportions are accurate it's simple..




...glued a half to some stiff brass sheet and shaped it to match the tank's profile..




..soon had a set completed - I will use the old master to make another mould for the pylon at some point...




...also did a bit more surface detail - this is a little printout to mark the spacing for the rows of rivets on the fuselage underside - I just measure the rounded part by marking a bit of paper and make a shape in Powerpoint to the right length, with the right number of divisions..




...it all needs wetting down, but you get the idea...




...pretty much finished up the topsides - had a nightmare with a wing root when I pressed too hard on the rivet wheel and the joint gave way so had to repair and re-do it...






..and a few gratuitous shots of the new 90gal wing tanks in a little montage...






..Bank holiday weekend so hope to get a bit more done - I have been playing around using the same casting technique to make a master for the cockpit canopy...


thats it for today folks..




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Guest Martinnfb

I'm starting to become convinced that you're actually Jesus. Your work is epic on a biblical scale.

Ha haa,:) the best quote ever !

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Guest Peterpools


Geeeeeeeeez ... just incredible. This has to be a book or at least an on line tutorial.

Keep 'em coming

:popcorn: :popcorn: :popcorn:

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evening all...


..this one made me smile


Peter, seriously, start talking to a publisher. There has to be a book to come out of this project!




..thank you Tim, but unlikely to be writing any books any time soon - would have no idea where to start and pretty sure there would be few takers.. :mental:



..this one cracked me up..



I'm starting to become convinced that you're actually Jesus. Your work is epic on a biblical scale.



- thanks poopstack, but no, I am not the Son of God - my mother is Danish...


...never thought I would write that sentence in my lifetime... :rofl:


..anyways - tonights installment...


..I started by adding a thin brass panel under the cowling - rivited it on a sheet of perspex and flattened them down from the other side so the mating surface was flat to get a good seamless join...




...lots more to do around here on the intakes & under the cowling...




..I also wanted to make a start on the canopy - I am going to try my luck at making one but it is a complex shape. This is actually G-AKRY after being repainted by the Egyptians showing it quite well - note the square edged windscreen frame that changes to a blown hood which is circular in cross-section within a few inches..




..started off measuring, drawing and tracing from the plans I have. I cut some of the sections to slot them together to make a former to vac form or plunge mould - the base is a laminate of three sheets of card, heated and bent above a gas ring...




..started making the basic shape...






..I ran a black sharpie around the shapes I wanted to sand to and sanded until I wore the line out - here just the tip remains to be done...




...taking shape... literally..




..started to work out how the blown hood will be incorporated - for now I am thinking templates - compound curves in three dimensions is hard to get my head around...




..will see how it goes - if it all goes wrong I will see if I can get a Fisher canopy, but for now I am determined to try it myself..




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evening all...


..a bit more done...


..I made up more formers for the canopy mould and blacked all the edges with a sharpie to see where to sand to...




..then it dawned on me that as I was making a mould for a vacform I could just try roughing the shape with plasticine - it should hold it's shape in the latex - well that was the plan anyway...




...cast a resin piece from the mould - good enough to work with...




..after sanding and shaping it I had something like what I wanted - I also built the front screen


..now all I need to do is build a vacform machine and find some clear plastic in enough quantity to pull a few copies & see what it looks like - I still may reshape this a bit more...






...also carried on detailing the lower fuselage - started scribing panels and stuck on the louvres I made a while back...




...added rivets and fittings...








...getting there slowly but surely - I want to have it on it's wheels in time to put it on the 32 SIG stand at Telford..



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Guest Peterpools

Breathtaking work

Keep 'em coming

:popcorn: :popcorn:

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evening ladies...


..dropping in again with a little postette..


..the saga continues with finishing up the wing radiators...


..had to make a panel to cover the lower wing intake which is curved at it's nose so laminated some brass to plastic card and tried to impart a subtle bit of curvature carefully using a bending press..




...riveted and added the nosecap fairing...




..made the cooling flap from brass & plastic again and added an actuator from our airscale PE detail set...




...I airbrushed the inner parts silver and painted the radiator element, then fitted the parts - bet it's not long before I knock the flap off...










...and now for something completely different.... having made the parts for the canopy moulds, I needed a vacform machine. I went to the local hardware store and got some bits. I thought the aluminium mesh used to fix & fill car bodies would do as the plate so would build it to those dimensions...




..only took about an hour - found some sealant to make it airtight and gave it a go...




..bad news - the vacuum was so strong it sucked the moulds clean through the mesh - back to the drawing board.. I ended up drilling a bit of hardboard instead...




..I am on about my 6th attempt and so far no joy...


..in the first few the moulds moved (like right through the mesh..), and in others the parts just do not conform to the moulds - the tops are fine, but then the plastic just radiuses out and doesn't pull close to the mould. I tried heating the plastic for longer to make it more pliable, but it just went white & cloudy - sorry, no gory pics - I don't want to re-live the frustration :fight:


..will keep at it, but might move on to something else while I do a bit more research - any old hands out there know what I am doing wrong?




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