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Eli Raphael

More Scooters coming your way!!

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Yep, have the -E/F and want to add a "M" to the stash...........Harv

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They are cool


the curse is - no matter what we see we want to touch new ones......



I dont know what i mean but i know it makes sense to me



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Leaving for Sprue Bros. today.

Gordon should have them for sale on Thursday.


Received mine on Sat. Gordon is FAST! They are AWESOME as expected.

Thanks Eli,


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Unfortunately the VMA-131 jet you chose to do, 158182,  WAS NOT the LAST OPERATIONAL A-4M at 131. This jet was the second jet repainted for the DVHAA, the museum on board the former NAS JRB Willow Grove. The LAST OPERATIONAL jet, QG-00 160024, was the last one. I know because I helped with the project and shot a lot of slides of her when she was finished.

A good friend of mine who was a former Marine that served with 131 was at the time a tech rep working with 131 and he spearheaded the project. Another good friend of mine, Gary Campbell, did all the artwork for both jets.

Your decal sheet for the 131 jet, 160024,  is incorrect.  The black lettering "MARINES" should have yellow shadowing behind it and it should be slanted back like the other lettering for 00. Everything else about the sheet is correct and beautiful, according to my Marine friend. He is currently building the Trumpeter 1/32 kit and is at a stand still because of this mistake. Is there any way you could do a small decal sheet to fix the issue ? All he needs would be the word "Marines" slanted back like the other text with yellow shadowing.

Looking forward to your reply, thanks.



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