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Hasegawa 1/32 Bf-109G-6/R6 Finished 10/20/13


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Thanks again for the paint stripping technique. Used it already and it worked like a charm.



Sweet, glad it worked out for you Peter!


Awesome work. Love seeing 109s come to life.


Thank you so much, really enjoying this one! I am hoping it turns out as well as I hope. I am thoroughly enjoying YOUR 109 as well, lots of great upgrades you have going on. I see you're from Milwaukee, not too far away from me.

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Thankfully, a good friend on the forums here offered his sheet to me so that I may continue on with this one. Thanks Mike, I really owe you one bro!


No worries my friend! Dropped them in the mail today should arrive in a week or so with a little luck.

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Paint stripping round 2!


Still not happy with how the winter camo was looking, I decided the only thing to do was to strip the model again. I am getting pretty good at this! One thought which helps me overcome that feeling of dread having to start over is the thought that this way, I can REALLY get my money's worth with a build!




So, it begins! As always, some cotton buds, paper towels, pipe cleaners, and Gunze Leveling Thinner are my weapons of choice. I have also decided on the NEXT scheme-



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Some serious paintwork going into this model. Lookin forward to seeing how it turns out.


Would u happen to remember where you got the white tool carousel i see on your desk. I really need one of those to get my bench organized ?


Happy modelling



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Thanks Martin, sure do hope the third time is a charm LOL.


Mikkel- Thank you! As far as the tool carousel, I believe I got it from Micro Mark many years ago. I looked at their site, but didn't see anything like what I have. I did find a similar one here, though it is a bit different. Good luck, they really are handy to have!

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It would seem to me Frank, that the thidr time IS the charm for you. Good luck, my friend !.......Harv


Hahaha... sure is! Guess it's just my way of getting maximum value for these kits. Kinda like getting three builds out of one! :shrug:

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