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Aero 300 gallon drop tanks for Skyhawks and others

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Here's a picture of one of the drop tanks for the Skyray kit, we are selling them in sets for those who want a more accurate tank than the old Hasegawa sets or Trumpeter ones.We also are producing the 400 gallon tank mastered by Anthony in NZ again, these will be up on the site shortly.






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Great stuff Paul, I am looking forward to a 400gal tank to go on my A-4K I am building! Makes me nervous, I hope it is up to everyones standards........I put a lot of time into it.




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Heads up guys


The corrected 300gal tanks are up I see.........hopefully the 400 wont be far.....






Cheers on that news Anthony.......


Since you obviously know what your talking about when it comes to these, just from looking, would you say that these are the 300 gal veriety and not 400?




Thanks in advance,


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