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I started my A-7E build a couple of weeks ago. (After seeing Zactomans fantastic correction kit!) This particular model has some fit issues, but i will try my best to tackle them!


After spending the last two weekends cleaning up the Aires cockpit, wheelwells.....and electronics bay. I now have a few progress pics to share!


My last few builds.....I have found it eaiser to do my closed fuse 'mockups'.....by making some plastic 'tabs', that holds the fuse together eaiser, than using alot of masking tape!

Also i like to 'block in' my resin pieces with some plastic stock! This also helps me to do my mockups too!


Here are my resin pieces....cleaned up!



And here are the 'tabs' and plastic blocks I made.





And here is the 'intake lip' that I 'pinned'......to secure it. It looks like I will have to sand the intake a bit....so it will be flush!



And here is it mocked up all together!





Alot of work so far! But I'm liking the way it's coming together!


Thanks for looking in!!

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Looking good my friend. It's funny to see that I'm not the only one that reinforce the resin parts inside the kits with bits and pieces of plastic strips. BTW, is that home made stand?



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Yeah Mike......It's homemade for my F-8 Crusader, and my F-4 Phantom. And now it fits my A-7E!


I just made some different atachment pieces for it! Here's some pics!









Thanks Mike for your kind comments! It looks like we think alike!

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Well I have a small update on this build. (Oh....and by the way, I don't build very fast because usually I can only work on the jet on weekends! And sometimes that's slim to none!) :BANGHEAD2:


As I was test fitting the wings......I noticed that if you squeezed the wing assembly......it would cause a big gap where it joined the fuse! So to remendy that......I put some plastic blocks

inbetween the two wing pieces! And to figure out how thick the blocks should be, I put some Blu-tack inbetween the two pieces, then got out the caliper. Worked really well!




Also after the two halves of the flaps were glued together........there was a nice gap that needed filled with plastic.




Also I .......for somereason can cause more work..........than is nessary! But I learned my lesson!




A quick fill with super glue and micro ballons should fix it!


Hopefully things will move more smoothly.....and i can post more!

Thanks for looking! Have a great week!

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Well I haven't got much done on this......I've been busy scratching my head here figuring out how to secure the vacume formed windscreen onto the fuse. (But most of the time wondering if I will even finish this thing! LOL)

Anybody else have that problem?? More head scratching than building!


If my idea works.....It should help in the assembly process! :hmmm:


Here is a pic of the .020 x .030 plastic strips to secure the sides of the windscreen. Also the .040x.156....piece I shaped to secure the front of the windscreen.






And a mock up pic of how it should fit!




Again.....Thanks for stopping by!

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Nice progress so far..................I too have an E with all the AM trimmings as well. Even though it seems like a lot of work, I think Chris's intake/nose will be WELL worth the effort of making an "unsquashed" SLUF


Watching with interest!




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Oh.....Just another small update on this build of mine. Just had myself a BIG oops! Here's how it went, Some Tamiya extra thin glue seaped under the clamp I had on the wing. So I went to rescribing the panel lines and redoing the rivet detail when a small chunk busted!! In the worst place of course! :BANGHEAD2: In the corner of the wing/flap joint! So now to figure out what to do about that! I guess this is normal for me around here! LOL!



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