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Thomas Lund

1/32 Revell (Hase) Fw190D-13

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Actually a D-9 converted with Jrutman parts plus Eduard flaps and Eagle Cals.

Finishing this build has been somewhat bitter-sweet as I am very satisfied with the result, only I have made a huge blunder. The kit sat on a shelf for quite some time and during that time it changed identity to this well-known D-13. Only I completely forgot that I had put on the large Ta152 tail and this one used the normal tail. Didn't notice it until I was clearcoating after decals. Too late. A real Homer Simpson moment - D'oh !!!!


I recently got a lot of advice from some modeling friends regarding photography, so these are my first post-advice photos, so feel free to comment on them too.


All comments welcome









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Guest Martinnfb

Nice and clean work, just as Kevin said , very inspirational. Thanks for sharing.


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