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RFI - Foiled RAAF Hasegawa P-40E

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This is my 1/32nd scale Hasegawa RAAF P-40 from the 2nd Operational Training 1944 – 45.


It was the first project I started in my new model room and was a great little kit. The model is covered panel by panel in kitchen foil using MicroScale foil glue. The paint is applied directly over the grained foil, and weathered with a combination of Tamiya weathering pallets, oils and Flory Models washes, then cleared using Model Master enamel system lacquer clear, but ONLY over the painted areas. The foil is left natural to patina as the real thing. The only worries were the rear quarter clear parts meshing with the fuse, and getting the replacement windscreen to eliminate the "phantom brace".


HERE is a link to the build thread.


Again, thanks to all who followed, gave advice and looked in on me along the way. The wheels from Obscureco and the Master Details stab and elevators were things of beauty, and I highly recommend both.


Normally my MO with RFI threads is to take WAY too many shots and then pic and choose from those the best ones to put in the finished RFI thread. In this case that did not happen……………..I had just barely gotten started taking some of the final detail shots (about 18 in total or so which is not that many considering how many RFI shots I usually take) when I moved the model to a safe local to re-arrange the table for the best shots, and as I did my Sony digital camera tumbled off the table and bounced right onto the concrete; lens first.


Needless to say I will need a new camera as the lens not only doesn't work now, but wont fully retract nor extend. Ill get one of the new Sonys in a few weeks borrowing the Xs until then.



I did manage to grab a few for this RFI thread before I broke the camera, but they are not the cream of the crop like I wanted and no close-ups of the tail, antennae nor cockpit but such is life. I may try to add some more, later after I get the new camera





For your enjoyment -









































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OMG ! She is beautiful, Brian. Its been such a pleasure to watch this build. Great job. Now get going an the Skyraider......Harv :m0152: :yahoo: :beer4: :goodjob:


Thanks Harv. :D Im actually cutting ZM sprue right before and after I type this............. :)



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Splendid build Brian. That's a lovely finish you've achieved. The yellow and white over the bare metal is a real eye catcher.



There is something proper about photos taken under natural light and it's hard to choose a favourite but for me, this one.....


takes some beating. (Might just want to use a slightly longer lens to avoid the unwanted shadows in the shot ;) )




Thanks for sharing the process and finished shots with us.



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WOW !!! ONE GORGEOUS, STUNNING build... :wub: :wub:




Sone really Lovely photos too... :clap2: :clap2:


Now I look forward to your ZM Skyraider build....


KUODS... :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow:

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Thanks again guys, it was a great little kit as im sure those of you who have built, just built and are building it currently know.


Guy, thanks for the kind words. As far as lenses go Im not using an SLR so no option to replace lenses..............it was more my pi$$ poor decision to take the pics after the best over head light had already gone, and shadows were creeping in.


The Sony digital camera (RIP) I used to take these shots is was a really great camera; simple effective, and took great shots for only being a 8.1Mp camera. I wont have to worry about it now after it took its 3 ft tumble onto the concrete lens first. My bro has a REALLY nice SLR but its a bit bulky I find for this type of work but does take hella awesome pics.


I think in a month or so, Im going to buy another Sony Cybershot with the better features, once the new replacements come out.


Thanks again to one and all for looking in on me.



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