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5th Emergency Rescue Squadron P-47D

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Cheers Joe :coolio: got a couple of Nikon D80's, have made a bit of a start on the figures - even managed to break the pilot's fag, oh joy, so have filed the remainder away and will be replacing with a short piece of carbon fibre aerial, from Accurate Armour.


Fag being British slang for cigarette... ;)


Will post some pics in a few days... :help:


I happen to be a FAG - Former Action Guy that is.


The D80 is a nice camera. I'm no expert, but I like to set the dial to "A" for aperature priority. From there you can dial your F-stop up or down to give more or less field of view (think this is done with the front right dial on the D80 but I could be mistaken). The lower the F-stop number the more narrow your field of view will be. That is, you will only be able to focus on a very small area with a low F-stop and everything before or after that focus point will be out of focus. You can set this higher (all the way up to F22) to give yourself maximum field of view (in focus area).


I also like to set my ISO to around 200 - 300. This is the sensitivity of your "film". The lower the number (200 - 300 is low) will make your "film" less sensitive to light but give you better quality photos. The lower ISO settings will usually require you to have a tripod because your shutter will stay open longer leading to blurring if your camera is not absolutely steady. Higher ISO settings will allow you to shoot without a tripod but the quality will suffer.


You will need a tripod as your shutter will be slow, especially at higher F-stop settings and lower ISO settings. This is because the F-stop decreases the lense opening as the number goes up (F22 = small opening / little light coming in and F1.4 = large opening / lots of light coming in). Setting your camera on a tripod and using a remote will help tremendously with your shots coming out clear.


For background, most people use blue as this works well to accent the colors. Also, use multiple sources of lighting, experimenting with different angles with each light.

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Cheers for the advice Joe, there is a tripod or two that I need to find as well as the battery charger, and a book on the D80. I do know my way around an SLR - I used to have a Nikon FE many moons ago, so it shouldn't take me too long to get up to speed with these newfangled digital obscuras.

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