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Trumpeter F-117A WIP .... FINISHED!!!!

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Hi eric (and all)


Great and admirable job.

I am sorry if my question is not relevant, I have two Testors kits and the Flightpath set. I would consider to purchase the Trumpy kit (since I like the plane), however only if it is a considerable improvement over the Testors release. I would love to hear an opinion of you guys, who already have laid your hands on the Trumpy´s plastic.

Thank you in advance.



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There is no comparison regarding shape accuracy. The Testors kit - as well as many other F-117 kits - has been designed when the first pictures of the plane became available. This did not allowed a thorough analysis of the plane geometry and resulted in multiple shape and detail accuracy problems.

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Now the issue with the GBU-27's has been sorted, I have done a bit more work on them. I painted the bombs with a base coat of Tamiya Olive Drab, then post shaded/mottled the main body with a lightened batch of the same. I then masked the main body and painted the guidance head (including the FWD fins) and the rear fin assembley with a highly thinned batch of Olive Drab and Black Green to give them a `newer' look. I haven't gone overboard with the splitting up of the colours, as all of the reference photos that I have show the bomb to be mostly the same colour for the whole unit. I painted the yellow stripe with ModelMaster Insignia Yellow. I will be masking off most of the guidance head and painting it the Earth colour as seen in most references.





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Hi Dave,


I used the pro modeller black wash, and cleaned it out with great difficulty. I have gone back in and lightly touched up areas in that pic as well, as the black was very stark against the white.


I haven't done anything to this model for a while as I have been waiting for Caracal to release his decals, which has just happened last week and i believe the set is on the way. So hopefully with a couple of days of work it will be finished.


It seems as if this may not have been a popular seller for Trumpeter as I haven't seen any more builds on the net so far?



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I got the brand new Caracal decals today, and I didn't hesitate in getting them on the aeroplane. Basically, if you have this model, then you NEED this decal set, as it corrects many very annoying flaws in the Trumpeter kit decals. I will be writing a review in the near future for this site, and it will be all good as Kursad has really done a fine job with this set. As a mad keen 1/32nd scale modeller, I would like to thank Caracal for their debut release in `our' scale and can only hope that they do more.


On initial inspection myself and Whitey (my LSP mate who happened to be over when the posty showed up) thought that they were way too dark, in fact I was initially dissapointed! The Trumpeter decals are pure white, and the Caracal ones are a medium/dark grey... I thought that I had read somewhere that he had intended on doing this so I pushed on and with the first application of the wing star and bar I could not have been happier.


Very well packed




Some pics in my makeshift studio.... I promise I will get this one in the light tent when it is finished!


These pics where taken after the decals where applied and I am yet to give the plane a clean of all of the Microset/Sol residue.












Some close ups. I am sure that I will spend the rest of my life cleaning this model, as the dark colour shows up everything! less than 5 minutes after application, all these white specks have settled all over the model.







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