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Ralph Riese

1:32 Revell Arado Ar196 A-3

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This thing is mind-blowing. Have you ever thought about doing a book of DVD to show your techniques? I wish I could learn to paint as well as you do Ralph. can't wait till it's done. :bow: :bow:



Matt :party0023:

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Thanks for your comments Gents. Afew more pics before trying to put the model together. Apologies to those who might have already seen these on HSPP...


Underside weathering and exhaust staining was done with a very dilute 50:50 mix of Tamiya XF-72 Brown (JGSDF) and XF-85 Rubber Black. Diluted Citadel Babab Black wash and 502 Abteilung Abt090 Industrial Earth oil paint were used for the grime on the yellow engine cowl.










Black areas were drybrushed with Vallejo 70990 Light Grey.



A hole was drilled to take a scratched pitot tube - shown in scale plans, but missing from the kit.



Vallejo 70886 Green Grey was applied to the wing root areas with a sponge, and then "filtered" using Testors Dullcote tinted with small and equal amounts of XF-4 Yellow Green and XF-67 NATO green - tried for a worn look, rather than a heavily distressed look. The kit lifting cables were replaced with beading wire.



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Wow, your work is amazing Ralph. I first saw this on hyperscale and was blown away, but now that I know you're here as well. I will sure to follow along. If I can do work half as good as yours I'll be happy camper :bow:



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That's unbelievably good work Ralph. I wish you'd put out a book or DVD on how you achieve your finishes. It's all still mysterious magic to me!




+ 1, even better I wish I was your neighbor so I could get some personal tutoring ;)



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