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Multi-Wing GB Prize Winners!


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The Multi-Wing Group Build, sponsored by Silver Wings, was officially over a few weeks ago.


The prize drawings have been completed and here are the winners:


From the drawing determined by those who completed their builds, the winner was TimW for his WNW DH9a, which can be seen HERE. Tim's prize was a Silver Wings' CR.32.


From the drawing determined by those who entered a Silver Wings kit (and actually got far enough to post some pictures), the winner was Jamme, for his Gladiator Mk I, which can be seen HERE. Jamme won a Silver Wings Fw44D.


Also winning 30% off discounts on their next Silver Wings kit were Qvarre and AndersN; Qvarre for his Gladiator Mk.II build, HERE, and AndersN for his Hawker Hart build, converting it to a Swedish B4, HERE.


Congratulations to all, and thanks for participating, and a big thanks to Silver Wings for sponsoring it!

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Tim, Jamme, Qvarre and Anders...Congratulations gentlemen on being awarded your deserved prizes, and also thank you Siver Wings for offering both incentive and prizes - it is truely appreciated.


My entry fell down after one of the wings became badly damaged followng being filled with resin - I will eventually repair and complete it in due course.


Best regards



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