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Dave J

Desert Dora's Mask Set

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I have purchased your Desert Dora's Mask in 32nd a few months back.. And it looks fantastic and I am looking forward to using it soon. But my only problem is that you haven't listed any reference's or scheme artwork to packaging and I am having trouble to locate any information on the airframes that you have included in your mask set. Could you possibly point me in the right directions of reference that you used to produce this mask set.



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Hi Dave,

First of all, please accept my apologies for not getting back to you sooner. I got your email right about when i became a dad for the first time 3 months ago and, as those 2-3 first weeks were kinda blurry, i completely forgot about it! :-)



Here are some of the reference images i was using, of course there are more in Osprey, Kagero...


Please let me know if you need anything else!


Cheers and sorry again,



Airlife Publishing - Ju87 Stuka



Uknown Source - Internet (if i remember, this phot is in one of Osprey "STUKA" books with further explanation)



Combat Aircraft #006 - Junkers JU87 Stukageschwader Of North Africa And The Mediterranean


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Hi Alek,


Not a problem! I know what its like as I have two young boys myself, and Congrats on becoming a First-time Dad!


Thanks for the info, Yes that photo is in one of the Osprey books. It was the only one that I could find in the the books that I had on the Stuka. I take it the other airframes are in the same Tropical scheme too?





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Is there a reverse side image to this bird?


Thank you.




If you go to the website homepage, scroll down, images of completed model on the right...

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