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Pfalz DXII by Wingnut Wings next up

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Hi guys,

As a WW1 nut I had to report this.

I apologize if someone else has already mentioned it on this forum but I've been off line for a while and then on again and off again. Computer being in the shop for a while.

Wingnut Wings showed their new 1/32 kit, the Pfalz DXII at the New Zealand Nationals recently. A few kits were available for sale at the show. The rest of us furreners will have to wait until the end of this month or maybe early October.

I have wanted a large model of the Pfalz DXII since the early 1950's but I have never wanted it enough to make a scratch built one. Life always had more important things on my agenda.

Now, finally, I can have one and I will build it and play with it and hug it and call it George (my apologies to Warner Brothers Looney Tunes).

ALL HAIL WINGNUT WINGS :party0023: :clap2: :bow:

Now the trick is to get the money. Ah well.


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