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Roden 1:32 Fokker Dr.I Finished!


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WOW, I cant believe I missed the RFI on this thing......


It looks totally awesome man! Looks like you lightened the top wing camo a bit too? I really looks great and the weathering and camo adds to it.


Well done mate. :clap2:




Thanks fellas. And yes Brian, since I painted all three wings at different times, there was little consistency between them. Same goes for the elevator and ailerons. Probably just accidental, but it gave a more patchy, touched up look to it. I'm happy to have it in my display case.

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Not really wanting to drudge this one up for any other reason than to say that I finally bought a cheap set of white bed sheets (couldn't find any gray at my price), and dyed a large piece dark gray to serve as a photo background for my finished projects. These photos are the results of using it for that purpose. Lots better than all that background clutter that was visible before. This piece is large enough to fit behind almost anything I'm working on. Now I just need to work on my lighting and photography.



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