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I have finished this test build of the paper Ford Tri-motor It's a digitally redrawn of the 1980ties original by Peter Zorn

It has been quite interesting how this kit was born (again)

Somebody over at Papermodellers.com was building it and it draw the attention of Peter Zorn,the original designer, who gave permission to scan the original kit and make it available for the forum members,

So I scanned it, put it on my server, and then Ruben Andres from Colombia stepped in, he did the enormous job of not only digitally redraw the complete kit, but he added all kind of liveries , 11 in total, at this moment Peter Zorn is adding another livery, as it appeared in the Indiana Jones movie, complete with the right interior, when that is done the kit will be available for free at Papermodelers.com in the next 2 weeks or soIMG_0687.jpgIMG_0689.jpg

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I sincerely applaud your collective effort to bring back this interesting kit back to life.


I know that not all hand drawn kits translate well into a digital version. Such computer "lifting" gives sometimes false expectation regarding kits accuracy, while building manually designed one we're ready to tweak a thing or two. Could you tell, as a test builder, how it is in this case?


I'm looking forward to giving it a closer look. :speak_cool:

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Hello Tomek,

You are right about that, it still has this 'hand drawn feel', but as this was a super model 30 years ago, I think it still is, I found some minor fitting problems, but if this is not your first paper model anyone should be able to solve those with some common sense, actually the original instructions are clear, in some cases Peter Zorn is telling to dry- fit and trim parts if necessary, when you stick to those you'll end up fine

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Billy's actual occupation is "Silk Purse from Sow's Ear Maker" and he is one of the premier test builders in the paper modeling community. His ability to find, fix and communicate build problems back to the designer is without peer. Take a little trip over to his home turf and do a search on his name. You will see some epic test builds (of epic designs) there. The Zorn Tri-Motor project has been a labor of love for several members of the paper modeling forum and the results (shown in Billy's superb photos) demonstrate that. No need to blush, Billy, you know it's all true! Thanks for posting here at LSP.

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