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F-84E/G Wheels

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Hi guys, Just wanted to let you know that we have a great set of wheels coming for your large scale Hobby boss kit. I'm sorry that I don't have pictures right now, but these should be up and ready on the website by the end of the month. If you've seen our website you know we are going through growing pains, so just bear with us and we'll have these as well as the zuni pods and Su-25 wheels up and ready for you guys. Thanks for your support! :speak_cool:


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As soon as these 3 items are ready, let us know so that we can purchase them.


Eli, the masters are complete for all of these and they are in the casting process so when we get some poped out they'll be available.


Brian, any chance you will be doing SU-27/30 wheels??...........Harv

Ok, I checked it out, I didn't even know Trumpeter made a 27 kit. If there is enough interest I'll master a set. Just let us know!

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There's an issue with the intake? I didn't know that.





Hi Stein,


Well, there is a major issue. The intake lip is pure fantasy when you study reference material of the original Thunderjet. The intake should be smooth without the lip. Tamiya and Revell in 1/48 also did not come up with a brilliant engineering solution for this. I personally think that is just too bad since it is the eyecatching element of the Thunderjet.

However, from an engineering point of view (injection molding that is) it may be that it is quite difficult to achieve the realistic result closely. Maybe an aftermarket company could tackle it...but it would require a full redesign probably...ergo: expensive. (Zactoman?)..and is there a market for it.









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